My Camino de Santiago de Compostela

Hi, all! It’s been a long time since I wrote something. I came back from the adventure of Camino de Santiago de Compostela. Never heard about it? Here is some information about the “Caminos” (primitive, northern, English, Portuguese, and so on).

I did the English one because I had few days only and wanted to do a complete Camino, from start to end, and not divided. I started from a city called Ferrol and arrived in Santiago de Compostela, then I went on and ended to the beautiful Finisterre, as many pilgrims do.

I did 7 steps:

Ferrol – Neda
Neda – Pontedeume
Pontedeume – Betanzos
Betanzos – Presedo
Presedo – Bruma
Bruma – Sigueiro
Sigueiro – Santiago

And then I went on to Finisterre:

Santiago – Negreira
Negreira – Olveiroa
Olveiroa – Muxía
Muxía – Finisterre

I recorded my walkings with an app on my smartphone and it seemed the distances were longer (and harder) than what my book guide said… A little bit annoying.

Yes, the backpack of 7/8 kgs become fast a torture if you want to walk 20 km a day. There are some steps that are longer (25/30 km). You have to know that you will suffer. I had legs ache and feet ache due to the walking for hours. I used an anti-inflammatory arnica oil to massage my poor feet after every walks.

Here are some pictures from my Instagram about this hard but pretty experience:

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If you’d like more info about the Camino, ask me! 💋



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